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OK, so when can I start?

For the first two months you won’t get any carries. After two months you may be granted carries if you have been giving negative urine samples, your dose is stable, you are emotionally stable, have a safe place to live, have a stable support system, and have been keeping up with your program requirements.

Carries must be stored in a locked box and should be refrigerated to keep the orange juice fresh. If you are living on the street or in a hostel or shelter that does not have proper storage facilities you will be denied carries.

You can get one carry per month after the first two months in treatment. After that you can get one additional carry per month up to a maximum of six doses per week if you remain clean.

If any of the criteria that qualify you for carries changes your carries may be revoked at any time. If you relapse the carries may be removed or reduced at the doctor’s discretion. If you sell or give away your doses or if you try to cheat on a urine test your carries will be completely lost.

It may be possible to grant more carries if the patient has a disability that makes it difficult or impossible for them to get to the pharmacy. This will be done at the doctor’s discretion and will be changed in response to changes in the patient’s disability.

If you need to travel for the purposes of work or vacation your doctor can increase your carries accordingly.

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